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Terra Languages follows the Common European Reference for (CERF) which organises language proficiency into six levels; A1 - C2, which is reflected in the textbooks we use. Our teachers address both European and American Spanish throughout lessons while keeping the content and sequencing consistent.
As one of our most popular offerings, we recommend signing up for these courses as early as possible as they tend to fill up quickly. If you’re unsure about your level or have questions, simply reach out.
Upon completion of a proficiency level, students can choose to sit an official DELE exam in Brisbane and obtain an internationally recognised proficiency rating.

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Spanish: Courses
Quechua Indigenous Women

Introduction to Spanish

Looking to get your feet wet? Or just wanting to see what our courses are about, sign up for our 6-week course. 
It's fun, interactive and we get you speaking from the first lesson. 

  • pronunciation

  • numbers

  • verb conjugations

  • shopping

  • ordering at a restaurant

  • getting about town

  • and much more!

Beginners Spanish A1

Kickstart your language learning journey with this course for absolute beginners.

  • verb, verbs & more verbs (we make it fun!) 

  • prepositions

  • articles

  • quantifiers

  • superlatives

  • reflexives

  • family, food, weather, time, numbers & more!

Red Flamenco Dress
Peruvian Dance

Elementary Spanish A2

Continue your Spanish learning journey with our Intermediate course. 

  • comparatives

  • preterit

  • object pronouns

  • more propositions

  • conditional

  • film, biographies, travel, history, places of interest and more!

Lower Intermediate Spanish

Growing Together

Continue your Spanish learning journey with our Lower Intermediate course. Level B1.1

Spanish Town

Upper Intermediate Spanish

Dive Right In

Continue your Spanish learning journey with our Upper Intermediate course. Lever B2.1

Conversation Class


Come along and practice your Spanish speaking skills in a conversation environment.

Networking Event
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Heritage Spanish

Hands-On Learning

These classes provide children from Spanish speaking backgrounds an opportunity to practice and improve their Spanish language skills through fun and interactive lessons.

Spanish: Courses
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